About Us


Infinity Bonding’s supplier is an innovative and multi-functional high-tech company. To face the many challenges ahead, we are working together to develop cutting edge technologies, promote environmental friendly concepts and products, and actively marketing our products globally. We are committed to development in all fields. Our strategies can be summarized as the followings:

  • Marketing strategies: actively promote our innovative and eco-friendly core products in industrial adhesive, road surfacing and construction bonding materials; expand our customer base in other relevant industries.
  • Technology development strategies: gather customer and industry feedbacks and liaise with supplier’s R&D department to continuously develop and improve products that meet demands. To provide vital information from end user to R&D team and push for the use of world class technologies into the production lines.
  • Professional team development strategies: provide continued training on industry development, product knowledge, quality control and customer service to all team member. We are striving to be a top-class professional team in the industry.