About Us


Infinity Bonding (AUST) Pty Ltd is an Australian based business that has its trading roots as a partnership that started in 2015. At that time we recognised the potential of new patented road and bridge deck products and techniques that offered significant cost savings to local bodies and government agencies. Since that time we have expanded our products and services to include industrial adhesives across a broad range of industries. We operate in Australia; New Zealand; and the South Pacific, and via other companies within the group, we are expanding our operations in the North American; European and Asian regions.


We offer a wide range of cost effective and efficient products and via our manufacturing and research and development partner facilities we can produce customised products that meet the specific needs of individual clients. Below is a brief overview of what we offer:

- Industrial adhesive: HMPSA for a variety of purposes including labelling, packaging; medical and health products, metal and non-woven materials

- Cold-mix high performance epoxy asphalt materials for road and bridge deck surfacing. The product has the characteristics of high resistance to wear, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-rutting, anti-slip etc, and can be used in low to heavy traffic areas including airport runways. The light weight make epoxy asphalt a great choice for bridge decking. The epoxy can be coloured to suit the client’s needs.

- Supplying epoxy adhesive product series for a variety of architectural engineering purposes, including materials for bonding and reinforcement e.g. steel plate and fibre attachment to building structure, waterproof and anti-corrosion coating, in-plant steel bar reinforcement etc.

- UV curing adhesive products: UV curing, pressure-sensitive adhesives for various industrial applications, UV coatings and adhesives.

- Functional rubber masterbatch and water borne tackifier resin products: including a range of high performance cost functional masterbatch materials, special product technology development services for large scale rubber enterprises.


Liede Bridge Pavement With Epoxy Bitumen

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